Anonymous sent: Hi, I'm staying in central hall in this year and could you somewhat describe the room because frankly, there are no pictures of this residence and it kinda worries me. Also, is uoit like a party school? And are there lots of stoners? Thank you :)

I can try finding pictures to upload (keep in mind it’s been two years since I lived in rez so I can’t even remember if the photos are backed up properly….), so stay tuned for that haha.

Going to try to give you a walkthrough of it so you can get the best idea in case I can’t find any photos.

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ice-blue-bong sent: Hi, i'm going to uoit in september for Criminology which is in the downtown campus and was wondering if the buses are frequent since I'm staying in the central hall residence. thanks

The bus that’ll take you downtown runs every 7 minutes during the majority of the day. I think past 6:30 PM it runs every half hour, and also every half hour early in the morning :) 


Well we can’t give you a good answer if your question is so…general…..Also, neither of the mods are/were in nursing.

Anonymous sent: Are there any Koreans on campus?

There’s a Korean Student Association (they had a food fair at some point), so I should think so! UOIT is pretty diverse :)

Anonymous sent: Hello there! I have been accepted into the MLS program this year. I was wondering if I need to take physics as one of my open electives. I am one of those who aspires to apply for med school after this undergraduate. I have heard that some med schools need pre-req in physics. I only did Physics 11 in high school, so I have no background for Phys 12. And honestly, I don't like physics! :D If I do take it, do you suggest I take it in the Winter Term (1st year, second sem)?

Hi. Well physics is not required for this program and I have no idea if it’s required for med school (it probably is). I never took physics because 1) I hate and 2) I didn’t have to; so I don’t know what the course load at our school is like. Both semesters in first year are about the same workload which is pretty manageable (so either semester would work). I know that they offer some kind of baby physics (introductory) so I think that’s more like grade 11 physics. And then there is Physics I (and II). It honestly would depend on the requirements for med school because if you need both Physics I and II then you will have to take Physics I in the fall semester and then Physics II in the winter semester. 

Anonymous sent: hi there, i'm entering the MLS program this year. i did 4u chemistry in grade 11 & took a gap year so i'm pretty rusty in chem -- i'm wondering if the first semester chemistry course is difficult without a good knowledge of 4u chemistry?

Well… I was terrible at chemistry and I had a hard time with it because it just doesn’t click for me. However, Chem 1 and Chem 2 is all grade 12 review basically, so you will be taught that stuff again. I suggest that you buy a textbook (get one used, it’s cheaper) so that if there is anything you don’t remember, you can read more about it. Also, the professor’s and TA’s are very helpful so you can visit them if you have any trouble. There is also a Student Learning Centre that offers tutoring in many different subjects (chemistry is one of them!). If I can do it, you can do it. As I said, I struggled a lot with chemistry in university (in first year and second year) but all you need to do is ask for help and you will get through it!

Anonymous sent: Hi! I was just wondering... what are the top 5 electives at UOIT? I'm going into second year. Thank you!

Depends on what your program counts as an elective. It just means that it’s not part of your program map, so some courses I took as an elective might not be an elective for you. Typically, people take Astronomy (it’s interesting and relatively easy) as a science elective. If you’re taking a spring/summer elective, some of the courses are also relatively easy but also quite fun (especially if you like class participation). If you’re not in social sciences and humanities, psychology and sociology courses are pretty popular, too. 

To be honest, I didn’t have that many electives in my course map so I can’t exactly tell you the “top”. I didn’t even have electives in second year.

Anonymous sent: Hey! I'm pretty sure my question is going to sound stupid, but I'm going to ask anyway. Lol So, I'm a female student about to attend the university in the fall for the networking & it security program and was wondering if there are a decent amount of females in the program.

I guess it sort of depends on how you define “decent” LOL. From what I’ve seen (I’m not in the faculty, so I wouldn’t know exactly—only from observation), there are, as you might expect, mostly guys and a handful of girls….

Hopefully, someone in the program can answer this with a bit more accuracy?

Anonymous sent: Hi! Im interested in he MLS program and wondering where the placements are? Can it be anywhere? Do you know if some have gotten placements in Toronto? THANKS!

The placements can really be anywhere so I can’t give you a list. And yes, there were a few placements this year that were in Toronto!

Anonymous sent: hey there, one of the people running this blog is in the MLS program right? i'm curious about the mathematical modelling for health sciences course. what sorts of topics does it cover? from what i've read it seems really basic, like high school review.


It is basically high school calculus. I dropped out of calculus in grade twelve and I still managed to do perfectly fine in the course!

I can’t remember the topics, to be honest because that was awhile ago! I remember doing dosage calculations, logarithms and such. Basically, just high school calc.