How are the nuclear engineering students liking uoit?
And how are students liking uoit overall? Student life, res, profs etc

Can any nuclear engineering followers answer the first part?

I also encourage followers to add their input for the second part, too! Just remember that submissions should be respectful—don’t hold back if you think something’s an issue, just don’t be rude about it.

As for what I think… like most other universities, it’s a mixed bag. I personally liked UOIT, with some exceptions. I enjoyed my program, the compact size of the main campus is really convenient and the smaller class sizes made it really nice. I wasn’t that involved with the school, but there were lots of clubs and student associations that other people really enjoyed. In any case, whether you’re into partying (there’s plenty of that, so don’t worry) or not, I’m assuming it could be less daunting to make friends because of the smaller class sizes and the structure of Orientation Week.

Administration can be frustrating, but after complaining to friends who went to other universities, UOIT isn’t the only one who suffers from this issue. Things like the Centre for Disabilities and academic advising can be a real headache to deal with, and they definitely could use some improvement. Just because other schools have these issues doesn’t mean they don’t need fixing!

Rez can be a positive or negative experience depending on your luck and personality. I’m a fairly reserved person, so I didn’t do much socializing when I was in rez. Sometimes, the noise levels got really frustrating, and the RAs weren’t particularly helpful. Other people didn’t mind it so much, and even had a great time, though most people leave rez to rent the nearby student apartments and houses after first year. Gives a little more leg room, so to speak. There are plenty of rez events, and I remember there being movie and game nights, and stuff like that.

To be honest, it’s a hard question to answer because everyone experiences things differently. It’s cliched, but time and time again, I’ll say that university is what you make of it. Sure, particular things about a school can definitely affect your experience, but aside from stuff like the curriculum and profs and stuff, the rest is pretty much up to you. 

the 900 does take about an hour and a half to get from UTSC to UOIT and that’s in the non-busy hours, during peak hours where it stops at every stop it can be a nightmare lasting over 2 and a half

Anonymous sent: Hello. This is my first year on OSAP. I submitted all my forms near the end of July and yet UOIT has yet to confirm my enrolment. Does it usually take this long or should I call them and ask why its taking so long? I don't want to bother them because they're probably super busy at this time of year.

It’s still better to ask financial aid, even though the line might be quite long. OSAP sometimes changes their procedure over the year so I wouldn’t be able to match my experience(s) to yours, anyhow. If you’re sure you submitted all the required forms, then I suspect that UOIT must have effed up in some part (it happens) when it comes to communication with OSAP.

In some years they had an OSAP table somewhere in the school for students to pick up some documentation or other to be processed, and I think last year they started just posting that form on the OSAP website after you log in…I would double check the site first, and then ask financial aid. 

blindbycolour sent: hey what are some easy electives to take at uoit.

Depends on what you find easy. Science and nursing students like taking social science courses. Those are like, the only two faculties with people I was friends with, so I have no idea what other faculties might find “easy”. I’d imagine some social science people might like taking Astronomy, or English courses.

Trent at UOIT offers language courses that UOIT students can take. Some of those might be in the spring or summer semesters only. Since these are beginner courses (not meant for native speakers), I’d imagine they’re fairly easy if you don’t have difficulty with languages.

Ask the upperclassmen in your faculty or program, see what they took. What’s easy for some people, or even what was easy one year, might not be for you (thank you to the classmate who convinced half our class to take conversation bio…easy my ass!).

Anonymous sent: Hello! I will be commuting to UOIT everyday. I've heard about the UPASS that could be used by students to travel at a much lower cost.. I live in Toronto and I've been told that we could use the DRT buses. Do you know how long the bus ride takes from UTSC to UOIT on or off peak hours?


The 900 DRT Pulse bus would be the one that does between UOIT and UTSC.

The difference is that you won’t have to pay extra for the DRT bus—that’s what your UPass is for. There used to be a discount for Go buses with the UPass but I think that’s been taken out since they added the 900 Pulse bus. 

Unfortunately I’ve never taken this route before, but the Go bus from UOIT to the STC takes about 40 minutes—but this is an express bus, so I imagine the DRT bus could take around 2 hours.

Can anyone who regularly takes the 900 help anon out?

Anonymous sent: Hi, Im starting 1st year this sept. Is it better to get textbooks before classes start or after? And do you know if there is a student run txtbook exchange that occurs during the start of the school year? I know some other uni's have that

Welcome to the school (even though I’ve graduated now, haha)! 

To be completely honest, it’s best if you get your textbooks after you’ve had your first class, after the prof has gone through the course syllabus. That way, you can determine whether or not you will need to buy that textbook. Some courses, the book is just supplementary, and depending on your learning style, lectures are enough; in other courses, there are extra readings that won’t be covered in class but you will need to know. 

And there isn’t much of an exchange as in, you trade books for other books, but if you look up UOIT Textbook Exchange on facebook, a lot of students are selling their books (which reminds me, I need to post my old books, too. Hey, what textbooks do you need? :P) for pretty cheap. Of course, some of the used textbooks are older editions but that usually doesn’t matter. I’ve had a book that was several editions older than what was in the syllabus but the material was the same. 

If not, you can always look online, and I think the bookstore is still doing price match. So, if you show them the webpage on your laptop or phone, they will sell you the same textbook for the cheaper price that’s online. Of course, there are conditions, like the price is for the same edition and for a new book, etc. 

If that still makes it too expensive, then buying older editions online is still an option, but it could take time to ship to you (Amazon is usually pretty fast though, like I got my books in about a week from purchase). Again, it’s totally fine to have an older edition because all they changed was maybe the order of some paragraphs or pages, or like, switched out a word.

Hope this helped!

Anonymous sent: Hi, I am slightly under the minimum average of 70, do you think I have a chance of being accepted? My overall average is 68.67%

Do you mean your top 6 average, or for all of your classes? Remember, universities look at your top 6 classes, rather than all of your grade 12 classes.

I think some of the programs have raised their minimum acceptance average to 75%, so it might be a bit tough for you if your top 6 is below 70%. UOIT is a new school so they’re trying to get more people to come, but it’s still pretty small and has limited space, so—no offence—I don’t think you’ll have a high chance of being accepted if that’s your top 6 average.

I hate to sound harsh in any way, but I guess you have to look at why you get the marks that you do, because people’s marks usually drop once they hit university. It’s one of the reasons there is a cut-off minimum; people who didn’t do well in high school might have a really tough time in university. If you got your marks that you got because there were some classes that really brought you down, you might be able to make it in university if you don’t have courses like those…but if you’re not a self-learner and/or won’t readily approach a prof or TA for extra help, it’ll be really, really tough.

Either way, I do with you the best of luck! UOIT is a pretty decent school for most programs, even though people like to whine and make fun of it since it’s new (and let’s be honest, some school’s students take the “prestige” of their school too seriously), so if you are accepted and choose this school, hopefully you’ll enjoy it too :)

Anonymous sent: Hi, I'm staying in central hall in this year and could you somewhat describe the room because frankly, there are no pictures of this residence and it kinda worries me. Also, is uoit like a party school? And are there lots of stoners? Thank you :)

I can try finding pictures to upload (keep in mind it’s been two years since I lived in rez so I can’t even remember if the photos are backed up properly….), so stay tuned for that haha.

Going to try to give you a walkthrough of it so you can get the best idea in case I can’t find any photos.

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ice-blue-bong sent: Hi, i'm going to uoit in september for Criminology which is in the downtown campus and was wondering if the buses are frequent since I'm staying in the central hall residence. thanks

The bus that’ll take you downtown runs every 7 minutes during the majority of the day. I think past 6:30 PM it runs every half hour, and also every half hour early in the morning :) 


Well we can’t give you a good answer if your question is so…general…..Also, neither of the mods are/were in nursing.