Anonymous sent: Hi, so I'm planning on living on rez next year! Which building and room type do you think is the best option, pros and cons of each? and I've been researching about the meal plan and I'm so confused and they hardly give any information! So my question is, how does it work, and what kind of food and how many variety of food do they have? I know it is a buffet, but is it a buffet like the restaurants you go to like Mandarin? Also do they switch it up everyday or is it always the same? Thanks!! (:

I’m gonna break this down…hooollddd on

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Anonymous sent: Do you know if the meal plan has a vegetarian option?

How the meal plan works is that you get to use it in the South Village Cafeteria, which is like an all-you-can-eat type of restaurant (students without a meal plan have to pay like $13 to each there), rather than having meals specifically made for you (well, that’s an option too, for like “on the go”). So really, there are definitely vegetarian options IN the cafeteria itself, but there isn’t a different meal plan for vegetarians.

Anonymous sent: Is there a lot of black student at uoit ?

I’m…not sure why this question is relevant? 

UOIT is  quite diverse in terms of race, and there are quite a few student associations and clubs for different groups of people. We also have Pangaea, which is basically a multicultural fair with lots of food, music, performances. It’s neat. 

Anonymous sent: whats frosh week like?

It consists of orientation to get you used to the school. There are lots of social events. There is CampusFest which is usually mid-September that is a concert. There are a lot of events going on in September to get involved in. It’s all about what you are going to make of it!

Anonymous sent: do u know the girl to guy ratio for the school?

I do not know that number off the top of my head but you can check in a Mcleans magazine. They do a yearly university magazine that has a ton of facts about each university. 

Anonymous sent: Is the social life good?

We’re bloggers, does it look like we know what social life is like?

To be honest, university is all about how you make it so to comment on the social life depends on the kind of person. 

Anonymous sent: what do you think about Elita? Is she a better prof then Kirk?

Out of courtesy we won’t talk about specific profs or TAs. Anyway, it’s a matter of preference, different people like different teaching styles.

Anonymous sent: I missed an anatomy tutorial for the first time this week and totally freaking out. What is the protocol for missed tutorials and if you have a valid reason what would they most likely do about it?

For anatomy and physiology? I wouldn’t panic, you’ll lose whatever percent the tutorial quiz is worth, which is like 2 percent. These aren’t like labs, because in labs you obviously have to be present to do your lab report. Tutorials aren’t really required to pass, but it’s of course not at all recommended to skip them altogether, but no need to panic.

Pros and Cons

Hi, I got early accepted for Computer Science. Could you give me your top 5 pros and cons of the school? thanks

I’m not in comp sci so I can’t say anything about the program and profs, but about the school itself (if there are any followers who want to talk about the program, please submit something!)


  1. Smaller class sizes, especially as you continue on. It’s nice because you tend to know most of the people in your class and it’s easier to approach profs and TAs, I find
  2. Smaller campus, so you can actually get around quickly enough and it’s not as easy to get lost lol
  3. It’s a tech school that’s relatively new, so technology is pretty nicely updated
  4. Programs tend to be quite hands on, so you’re not just bombarded with just theory but you’re actually doing the stuff. There’s still theory, of course, but it’s more helpful and frankly fun to be doing stuff you expect to be doing in your career
  5. North Oshawa is still a bit quiet, but there’s a lot of nearby, accessible places to go for food, some decent places for shopping, etc, etc, for when you don’t feel like being buried under textbooks


  1. It’s a tech school….so sometimes, tech problems happen. They’re not usually a big deal, but they’re sort of annoying, especially because a lot of class content is reliant on being online
  2. It’s a small school…but it’s growing pretty quickly so space is becoming sort of limited. Granted, you don’t necessarily have to stay on campus if you don’t have class, but it’d be nice to have a few more lounge and study areas.
  3. The food on campus isn’t really diverse or impressive, and it’s kinda expensive I guess. 
  4. My experience in rez was not fun, but it apparently wasn’t so bad for other people. It really falls on who your neighbours are. 
  5. If you want to consider living off-campus (i.e. for your upper years of study), it’s stupidly pricey, especially if you are looking for a decent place that’s close enough to campus. The housing bylaws for the area around the school are strict and whether you have a good landlord or an awful one is really based on luck.
Anonymous sent: hey, so I was accepted for forensic psychology and medical lab science this year at uoit. I hear a lot of stuff about the transportation and technology issues and I was just wondering if you would recommend the school to someone going into one of those fields? Thanks

I’ll have the other mod answer about med lab, and I’ll see if there may be a follower in forensic psych who could tell you more about the program, but I’ll just comment on the transportation and technology stuff.

Firstly, I don’t know if you are planning to live on rez or if you are commuting, but there are definitely a lot of ways to get to campus. Forensic psych is in the Social Sciences and Humanities faculty, so a lot of your classes might be in downtown Oshawa, so if you want to get form North campus to the Downtown campus, you’d be busing. Luckily, the 401 Simcoe bus or the Downtown bus runs pretty often, so even if it does get really full at certain times of the day, you don’t really have to worry about that.

The thing with Durham Region is that even if the buses aren’t 100% reliable (they are most of the time), there are a lot of them coming in from a lot of places. Even if you’re commuting, I’m sure you’ll manage, and honestly you won’t have any more issues than you would commuting to another school that’s as far from where you live as UOIT might be. A lot of students commute, many from outside of Durham Region, and they manage just fine. 

As for technology…it’s a tech school, and shit happens with technology that shouldn’t be that unexpected. Sometimes the internet is bad, sometimes the projectors aren’t working. But you know what’s bloody awesome about a school centered around technology? Pretty much all of the profs will post lecture notes online (whether or not they are annotated notes is dependent on the prof), so you can read ahead if you want (no one does, I’m pretty sure lol) or if you miss class, it’s not as difficult to catch up. So there’s that.

But in terms of the tech malfunctioning…it can be a nuisance, but in no way can I say that it should be deterrence to accepting your offer. I’m also pretty sure that this is the only school in Ontario with a med lab program that gives you a degree rather than a diploma, and it might also be the first school to have a dedicated Forensic Psych program (according to my forensic psych prof) while other schools likely have a psychology program with a specialization in forensics (if it has any forensics topics at all) so if you’re looking for a hands-on program with emphasis on what you plan on going into, yeah I’d definitely recommend this school for it.